Monday, 11 February 2019

Happy Monday!

We are starting a fun week here at SJA! This week is Valentine’s Day
and we are going to celebrate our friendship and kindness in our P.J.'s.
Students are invited to bring their "stuffies" for the day. We will be
playing some fun games and we may even enjoy a little treat! 

I have seng home a list of the first names of all of the students in the
class. If you and your child decide to send in cards or treats, feel free
to use this list. Another option is to just have your child write their
name on the card. Also, please do not feel obligated to send anything.
I know it can be difficult with your child being part of two classes. We
will have plenty of kindness and treats to make it a great day here!

Here are some of the activities we will be doing this week to celebrate
our friendships this week!

We have read a story, There Was An Old Lady who Swallowed a
Rose. We will be using this Valentines themed book to reinforce
rhyming and sequencing. It follows the same pattern as many of the
other "Old Lady" books we have read this year. 

We will also look at a story about the Valentine adventures of Amelia
Bedelia. We will use this book as a springboard for activities about
figurative language, following directions, vocabulary studies and
looking at the components of narrative stories.

We will be using Valentine's Task Cards to help us infer information.
"My Valentine is for an animal that is long and thin. This animal
slithers. This animal might stick out its tongue"!

To practice our reading and speaking skills, the students will
participate in a fun heart game involving reading, telling stories and
active participation tasks! 

These activities will be going on all week! Check out our Twitter
account @MrsFaloonPLC to see some of the pictures of our exciting

Just a reminder that your child's Term 1 report card and IEP will be
coming home soon. These reports are completed as a collaboration
between myself and the homeschool. They are sent home from your
child's homeschool. 

If you would like to discuss your child's progress at all, either on the
phone or in person, I am happy to talk with you. I will send home an
interview request form at the end of the week. 
Some schools will be including the Term 2 IEP's in with the reports
from Term 1. This means you will be receiving the grades and
evaluations of their progress on their expectations from Term 1 as
well as the new IEP goals that your child will be working toward in
Term 2. Some schools will be sending the Term 2 expectations home
at a later date. 

Regardless of when you will be receiving the Term 2 document, I am
happy to go over it with you as well. There is a lot of information in
those documents and your voice as the parents is important. Your
input on the IEP is encouraged! 

Thanks for reading! As always, let me know if you have any questions
or concerns.

Have a great week

My apologies! This was written and sitting as a draft since the beginning of January. Apparently I never published it. I am sorry!!!

Hello and Happy Winter!
What a weekend that was! So much snow! I hope that everyone
was able to stay warm and have a little fun in all that snow.

Well, we are right back into the swing of things. After just a few weeks,
Christmas seems like a distant memory! I hope everyone had an enjoyable
and restful Christmas break. I have noticed the children have returned
refreshed and ready to go.

In Our Class

As the New Year has just begun, we have taken some time to discuss
resolutions.  We discussed about how people use the turning of the New Year
to set a goal for themselves, to try and improve on something.  Some great
examples were learning to play an instrument, reading more and practicing a

Throughout the past two weeks, each student set a few goals for him/herself.
 The idea is to discover how each student will shine!!! We really want to focus
on looking at steps they need to take to meet their goals. Ask your child about
what they are looking to improve on.

We are currently reading the story, The Mitten. It is a lovely story written by
Jan Brett. We are using this winter text to discuss sequencing, comprehension,
vocabulary and elements of a story. The students have done a great job looking
at the characters, the setting, the events of the story, and how the story begins
and ends. We will also link this book to some fun writing!

As this week is fairly busy already and we have many learning activities
planned throughout the week, we will  continue to practice our word wall
words from last week. We did not give them enough time last week, and I feel
like one more week would be beneficial in learning to read and spell these
words. If your child has mastered their weekly words, please feel free to review
previous words as well. We have spent some time reviewing many of the word
wall words that we have learned throughout the year. We will have new words
to focus on next week.

Report Cards and IEPs
Shortly, (mid-February) you will be receiving the Term One report card. Don’t
forget to look for the Language development and Self-Advocacy comments
that are directly on the IEP.

Next Year
If I have not yet already,  will soon be speaking to each family about plans for
next year. I will leave it to parents to discuss our decision with their children at
home, as parents tend to discuss this at different times. Some children will
however be talking about this issue at school, so don’t be surprised if the
children come to you with questions. As the paperwork comes home, please
sign and send it back as soon as possible. Thanks!

More Learning!
Many people have asked about different apps for iPads and tablets for the
students to work on at home. Here are some that I think are useful tools.
Some are free and are to be purchased, although they usually have a free
  • ABC Pocket Phonics
  • Farm Phonics
  • Phonics Genius
  • Starfall
  • ABC Ya Games
  • Raz Kids (same login as on the computer)
  • Sentence Maker
  • Sentence Constructor
  • Draw, then WRITE
  • Say that thing
  • Pixwords
  • Word Match
  • Please ask me if there is something specific you would like help looking for! I am always happy to search for new apps and try them out!

Just a reminder that winter weather is cold and wet!  Please make sure that
they children are dressed appropriately.

This will be a busy month, so stay tuned for more information!

Again, I wish you all a Happy New Year!  
Stay warm and dry!!

Sarah Faloon

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Tuesday, December 11th 2018
Happy Tuesday everyone!

What a beautiful snowy day here in Ottawa!
The snow seemed to fall like magic all day long. It was so lovely to see.
While I love looking at the snow fall, we do know that at times, it makes
for a tough drive to and from school. This is a good time to remind
everyone that on snow days when school transportation is cancelled,
your children are more than welcome to attend a full day at their
homeschool as they will not be able to come to and from the language
class. The schools are prepared for days like this! 

As we speak of transportation, please remember to call STS and report
if your child will be absent for the day.  It is important for the drivers to
be aware if they are not going to pick up a student. I know that some
of you have have already been in contact with the drivers to let them
know personally, so thank you! If you do not have the phone number
of the person who drives your child, please call STS at 6132-723-9677
and they will let the driver know. Thank you for your cooperation with
this manner. 

On Sunday, we entered into the second week of Advent. We have now
begun to prepare our hearts for the coming of our Lord at Christmas! 
In our class, we will be looking at gifts we can give Jesus for each week
during Advent. These gifts are not be the kind we can purchase at
Tory R' Us! I will be encouraging the students to think about how we
can help each other, be kind and love our neighbour in an effort to give
back during this season. We have spoken about how one kindness,
one simple act or word can make a BIG difference.
This is the spirit of Christmas! 

Our learning in the past few weeks has mostly involved around our
special Advent season. We have looked closely at the advent wreath
and what each week represents. The students have listened to a few
different versions of the Christmas Story and the continuous
conversation surrounding the magic of this blessed day has been delightful.

Our Christmas vocabulary words have also been a big focus. We have
included common words used throughout Advent and in discussion for the
preparation of Jesus as well as words that help us describe the magic of the
North Pole and Santa! We have used these words to describe our hopes for
Christmas and how we can show kindness to others. We also used the
words to write a letter to Santa! I am super excited to see what he says
when he writes back!  

We will not be learning any new word wall words for 2018. Please continue to
review and practice the words they have been learning all year.
If you are looking for some homework, this is a great time of year to get
cozy and read. Talk about the stories that you are reading. You can always
write some sentences about the story and draw pictures about the different
story elements!  Just talking and asking questions about the book is a great
way to reinforce what we are doing at school. In class, we use something
called a story builder to look at the different elements of each story. It goes
a little something like this:
**What happens at the beginning of the story? What is it about?
**Who are the characters in the story?
**What is the setting of the story?
**What is the problem in the story?
**What happens in the story? Tell me what happens first, second,
third and finally?
**How is the problem solved?
**How does the story end?
These questions can really help deepen the understanding of
narrative stories.

Throughout the year, we have been very focused on becoming better
readers! Each student is at a different place in his/her reading journey
and we are celebrating each step, both big and small on this journey!
The students are using many different reading strategies to decode when
they come to a word that they do not know. 

Here are the strategies that we have been learning about.  As I just
mentioned, as students progress in their reading, they will be
working on different strategies to help them out! Ask them which
strategy they are using now. Maybe they can show you how they
use it while reading their Snuggle Book. 😊

There are many charitable efforts happening here at SJA, including an
dvent sock tree and a Hat drive.  If you would like to donate any new
socks, hats, mittens, scarves or non-perishable food items, they will be
used to help keep little ones throughout the city stay warm and fed during
this winter season! 

I know I say this often, but I am so proud of each and every one of my
students. It can be very overwhelming going to two different schools,
having multiple teachers and leaving friends from one school or another.  
These kids are strong and resilient! I am thankful to be able to spend my
days learning with them! 

As we move through December I know it will be very busy. Please do not
hesitate to give me a call or write a note in the communication book if you
have ANY questions or concerns. 

Mrs. Faloon 

Monday, 29 October 2018

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a nice weekend prepping for Halloween!
My kiddos at home are so excited, I am sure your families are
sharing in the excitement!

This is going to be an exciting week here at SJA. The students
are so very excited about Halloween. I love it!  I love that they
are putting their enthusiasm into great words that  have turned into
fantastic sentences and really fun conversations.  I am happy to
hear about their costumes and how they are celebrating this fun day! 
To get ready for Halloween, our activities and lessons are planned
around this theme! We will be practicing our descriptive writing
skills when we write all about our costumes!

Students will be invited to wear their costumes on Halloween.
We have some fun things planned for the day while they are
here to celebrate! Check out our class Twitter for some pictures
of the exciting times!
Here are the words that we are learning this season.
We have grouped the words together as Fall words.
Some of the words are about Thanksgiving and some are about
Halloween. We are learning about why these words belong to
each of these groups.

Leaves, leaf, pumpkin, scarecrow, fall, autumn, acorn, branch,
apple tree, turkey, windy, corn, harvest, apple, kites, rainy days

Haunted house, mummy, spider, Frankenstein, skeleton,
Jack-o-Lantern, bat, pumpkin, candy corn, witch, treat bag, ghost,
cauldron, black cat, vampire, spider web

We have really been enjoying writing in our journals. Some students
have really been focused on writing complete sentences using our
Writers Eye! Here are the things we are looking for with our
Writer’s Eyes! Students can use this chart on the wall when they are
writing to double check that they have included these 4 things!  
(Capitals at the beginning, lowercase letters throughout the sentence,
spaces between our words and punctuation at the end).


As the students become more comfortable with their writing
and their skills improve, we will be adding different criteria to the list.
The students did an excellent job!
As I review the student's written work, I will be commenting on
what they have done using a strategy called, "Tickled Pink and
Green for Growth".  You make have heard of this already, all this
means is that I will write in PINK something that they did really well,
something I am proud of them for doing! Then, I will add in GREEN
their next steps.  Since these goals are so different for each student,
this is a great communication tools! 
This is an example of what it may look like! 

Your child’s progress reports will be coming home soon.
They will be sent home from your child’s homeschool.
Please read through, sign and return the signed portion back to
their homeschool.
As you are reading the reports, please remember that the grades
and comments are a tiny portion of the amazing successes I see
in your children every single day. My sincere hope is that you and
your children know how proud of them I am. They work incredibly
hard! Report cards can only tell you so much, and I  
SEE SO MUCH MORE growth and gains than I could ever write
in a report card or an IEP. Your children are inspiring and their perseverance,
enthusiasm for learning and positive energy are a constant reminder to
remind me of why we are all here!

I would be happy to meet and chat with anyone regarding the IEP
and the progress report, either in person or over the phone. I will send
home an interview request invitation next week.

As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

S. Faloon

A few reminders!

If your child does not have indoor shoes to leave here, they
need to bring them to and from their home school. As the weather
gets colder and wetter, everyone needs a clean, dry and warm pair
of shoes to wear here.  Please let me know if we can be of any help
in getting your child a pair of shoes to leave here st SJA.  We would
be happy to help! 

We are in the last week of #WEscarehunger! Please send in any
canned goods to help those in need! 

Students have many opportunities to eat snacks in our class, however,
there is a lot going on in your child's day!! Please let me know if you
have any concerns about how much your child is able to eat during the day.  

* I will continue to send home the Word Wall Words every Monday.
How/When/How Much you practice those words is up to you! I will
take the WWW book out of the mail bags once I see that they have
practiced, or on Friday.  Please let me know if I take it out and you
would still like to practice. The words are usually posted on this blog
and on our Twitter account, so feel free to check there as well! 

* The students are doing really well with their Snuggle Book Reading!
Again, I will switch the books once I see that you have signed the page
telling me how they have done.  Please do not send it back to school
until you would like a new book. You are welcome to keep each
book for as long as it takes to read it with your child. 

Please remember that our Library Day is Wednesday.  Please return
all books on or by Wednesday of each week. Thanks! 

*There will be a P.J. Day on November 8th. Please bring in a
donation for United Way!